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Matthew 25:35-45 encourages all believers to invest in the community and to engage in bringing social transformation. This is one of the key objectives of GFWE. The primary aim of raising a generation of women entrepreneurs who are financially viable.

Become involved in our projects in a way that suit you

We invite you to partner with us and help us bring change to the African continent and the rest of the world. The different ways you can impact our continent are through:

  • volunteering time or resources
  • sowing into the projects financially

Support can be once-off or a monthly commitment.

GFWE Mobile Eye Clinic

A project of this magnitude requires major sponsorships. We would love to have a fleet of vehicles on the road. Send your proposal to to become involved. Click here to learn more.

Feed A Child

Sponsor food, provide transport to get the food to the schools or donate any amount to make this possible. Become a sponsor or donate.

SCAT Project

GFWE’s Anti-trafficking Project aims to bring awareness through education, teaching and training. 

Donate any amount to help free human slaves and fight trafficking.

Malawi Educate A Child

Join hands with us in this educational initiative. Scroll down to commit to R150 or more for a child in Malawi’s annual tuition

Sponsorship Proposal