The government has released a draft Expropriation Bill that outlines the circumstances under which the state can take land without paying for it. This bill was released on Dec 21 for public comment. The public has until Feb 15 to provide written submissions about the bill. 

The Minister of Public Works, having obtained Cabinet approval, hereby publish the draft Expropriation Bill, 2019 for broader public comment.
Interested persons may submit written comments on the draft Expropriation Bill, 2019
The Director-General,
Department of Public Works
Private Bag X65
Or hand deliver to:
Central Government Offices (CGO)
Building 256
Madiba street
Tel No: 012 406 2000/012 406 1315 /012 406 1567
Facsimile: 086-272-4554
E-mail: /
For Attention: Livhuwani Ndou / Johannes Lekala
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