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Matthew 25:35-45 encourages all believers to invest in the community and to engage in bringing social transformation. This is one of the key objectives of GFWE. The primary aim of raising a generation of women entrepreneurs who are financially viable. This will bring tangible change to our communities, especially on the continent of Africa. Africa is the second largest continent and has the most resources on any continent. GFWE aims to partner with communities to bring real change.

We invite you to partner with us and help us bring change to the African continent and the rest of the world. The different ways you can impact our continent are through:

  • volunteering time or resources
  • sowing into the projects financially

Become part of the project closest to your heart to make a positive change in our community. Support can be once-off or a monthly commitment.

Feed a Child

The aim of this initiative is to provide breakfast and lunch for children to substitute better quality education by:

  • enhancing children’s active learning capacity
  • lessening short-term hunger

Donate any amount if you want to help feed our children. Even a small donation will help. You can help in one of the following ways:

  • Sponsor food for as many learners as we can reach
  • Provide transport to get the food to the schools
  • Make us aware of schools where you know this is a major issue (with contact detail)

Support the Feed a Child project

Every R10, R20 or R100 makes a difference

Well Of Wisdom Book Club Junior

The Global Forum Women For Women Entrepreneurs (GFWE) together with the Well Of Wisdom Book Club International is running the Well Of Wisdom (WOW) Junior Book Club. WOW will help encourage Primary School pupils from Grade 3 -7 to read.

The program was initiated to show students that reading can be enjoyable and fun. In our society, most children and teens would rather watch reality TV or play videos games.

It is important to help young people understand that there are other beneficial ways to spend their time. With most pupils opting to use the internet and watch TV after school, they are not frequently exposed to the correct use of English.

The WOW Junior book club meets one Saturday per month. It is a place for pupils to learn how to speak and spell correctly.

Another benefit is for them to network with others who also enjoy reading for pleasure.

The club will also give direction on which books to read and where to start.

Some ways for you to help

Join us in bringing your old books. Every book helps.

Launch a book drive to collect books from school children.

Collect books from school children for a younger child in another school.

Ask your local library if they would like to donate some books and help bring them to the reading class.

Approach the schools in your area and ask if they would like to donate books from their libraries. They might be willing to buy extra books for this project when they order for their own school. 

This way we can have a vast array of interesting books for the children to enjoy. Donate books to the school libraries. That one book will help countless children.

Donate any amount if this is close to your heart and you want to help our children discover the joy of reading.

Reading opens up a new world.

Support the WOW Book Club Junior

Every pre-loved book or small amount makes a difference

GFWE Mobile Eye Clinic

Good vision and proper eye care & protection are vital for performance for growing children in the learning environment. Proper assessment can eliminate unnecessary discomfort & eyestrain.

Vision & eye health problems children may have, are identified and addressed early. Proper eye evaluation will help increase concentration & efficiency in the learning environment.

The central aim of this initiative is to provide primary eye care. This will include the provision of spectacles where necessary. This care will be taken to South African children in disadvantaged areas who would not ordinarily have access or funds to such care.  The proposed plan includes visiting schools in disadvantaged communities to assess their visual needs.

A mobile clinic and trained optometrist will be used for this purpose. Thank you to our sponsors that are making this project a reality.

How you can help

A project of this magnitude requires major sponsorships. We would love to have a fleet of vehicles on the road. There is a vast need in our country. We take our sight for granted, but many are not that lucky.

Contact us if this project is close to your heart. Send your proposal to to become involved.

Donate any amount, donate time if this is close to your heart. Do you know someone that could sponsor glasses or frames? Please get in touch.

Donate R1000 or more for the Mobile Eye Unit project

Every small amount will make a difference

Malawi Educate A Child

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”  – Former President Nelson Mandela

In recognition of this truth, GFWE South Africa has partnered with GFWE Malawi to sponsor the education of 100 Malawian children per annum. It takes a mere R200 (US$15) per child, per annum (the cost of a fast food meal) to do so. GFWE invites other GFWE chapters, other networks and the general public to join hands with us in this educational initiative.

Donate R200 to educate a child in Malawi

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